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Câu hỏi phỏng vấn lái xe

1 Where should you position your hands on the steering wheel?
2 As you are driving, you should:
3 When can you make a left turn at a red light?
4 When changing lanes you should:
5 A two-way left turn lane in the center of the road means:
6 A flashing red light means:
7 A flashing green light means:
8 A light with a steady green arrow pointing either left or right means:
9 A light with a steady red cross above a lane of traffic means:
10 A large diamond painted on the road in a particular lane means:
11 When driving behind a slow-moving truck going up a hill you should:
12 When approaching a stop sign where there is no stop line, sidewalk or crosswalk you should:
13 When approaching a railway crossing you should:
14 How far away from a fire hydrant are you required to park?
15 How far away from a stop sign, traffic control signal or crosswalk are you required to park?
16 It is illegal to park:
17 When parallel parking, you must be within how many centimeters from the curb?
18 When is it a good idea to use hand signals in addition to a turn signal?
19 When should you use your cars signals?
20 A sign depicting a green circle with a straight arrow pointing upwards inside it means:
21 If you must stop suddenly in an emergency, you should:
22 When faced with low visibility conditions while driving, you should:
23 When entering a tunnel on a sunny day, you should:
24 If you find that your car is hydroplaning, you should:
25 If you must drive through a deep puddle, you should:
26 If you are stranded in snow in your vehicle, you should:
27 If you are faced with turbulence, you should:
28 Overdriving your headlights at night is dangerous because:
29 If your headlights ever fail, you should:
30 If a large animal is in your path and you ca not stop in time, you should:
31 In order to keep focused while driving you should:
32 When approaching a railway crossing you should :
33 Consuming one glass of beer before driving is:
34 It is OK to consume a drug before driving if:
35 If you have a close call and almost get into an accident, you should:
36 Taking more than one parking spot is:
37 If one of your passengers does not want to wear a seatbelt, you should:
38 When driving with children in the car it is a good idea to:
39 If you are a passenger, and you find that your driver is behaving in an unsafe manner, you should
40 The best way to help prevent aggression in other drivers is:
41 When using your turn signal, you should:
42 Making eye contact with pedestrians and other drivers is important because:
43 It is important to leave space margins between yourself and other vehicles because:
44 It may be dangerous to stop for a pedestrian where there is no intersection because:
45 Some things to watch for on the sides of the road are:
46 If you pull out just slightly into another lane to pass a cyclist you are:
47 You should allow for a large space margin between your vehicle and a cyclist because:
48 Motorcyclists often ride in the left part of the lane because:
49 When passing a very large vehicle, you should:
50 On a road where the speed limit is 60km/h or less, if you see a transit bus signaling that it wants to pull out, you should:
51 It is against the law to follow an emergency vehicle more closely than:
52 When backing up you should:
53 A black sign depicting a white arrow that curves to the left means:
54 When arriving at an uncontrolled intersection or four-way-stop at the same time as another car, which car should proceed first?
55 If you are turning left at an uncontrolled intersection or four-way-stop you should:
56 At uncontrolled intersections you should always:
57 If a vehicle ahead of you is stopped at a crosswalk on a multi-lane road you should:
58 When should you slow down to 30 km/h near a playground?
59 A sign indicating that school children may be present and that is accompanied by a 30 km/h speed limit means you must slow down to 30 km/h at which times?
60 Why is it necessary to shoulder-check when changing lanes?
61 When driving in ideal conditions, how far should your car be from the car in front of you?
62 Distances between cities are always shown in:
63 When entering a freeway you should always:
64 What is the minimum following distance you should leave between your vehicle and a motorcycle in front of you?
65 When you are on the freeway and you are approaching a freeway entrance where cars are attempting to merge, you should:
66 If your car breaks down on the freeway, you should:
67 When sharing the road with a motorcycle:
68 It is important to stay well behind large trucks and buses, and out of their blind spots because:
69 When driving at night with your highbeams on, how close are you allowed to be to another car before you dim your headlights?
70 During which times are you required to use your headlights?
71 Driving more slowly than surrounding traffic is:
72 You should never coast in neutral or with the clutch in because:
73 What is the best way to prevent your vehicle from moving slightly from side to side while driving?
74 Tailgating is dangerous because:
75 In order to stay awake while driving on a long trip, you can:
76 If you encounter another driver who is behaving aggressively, you should:
77 When driving at night, it is a good idea to:
78 What class of license must you already hold to apply for a commercial drivers license?
79 If someone is tailgating you, you should:
80 On a multi-lane road, the right lane is often the safest because:
81 In order to make sure your tires are in good condition, you should:
82 What clues might indicate that you are approaching a stale green light?
83 If you are in an intersection waiting to turn left and the light turns yellow, you should:

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