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Câu hỏi phỏng vấn nhân viên pr

 “Tell me about yourself.”
 “What do you know about us?”
 “What makes you stand out from your peers?”
 “How organised are you?” / “Can you multi-task?”
 “What have you learned from part-time jobs / travels / sports / hobbies that you think will be an asset in your PR career?”
 “Tell me why you’re interested in X.”
 “Walk me through your use of new technologies / your life online.”
 “So what does your current employer think you’re up to today?!”
 “Is there anything else you’d like to tell me about yourself?”

You should already know the basic answers to “When?”, “What?” and “How much?”.  That’s part of your pre-qualification process.  And everyone knows the last one is rather important indeed, so that also means it needn’t take priority in your list of questions.  In fact, as the interviewer will want you to focus on the opportunities the role offers and the future success of the company and your career, it’s advisable to leave confirmation of the package towards the end of the interview.  But do confirm if you’re uncertain.
Here’s some questions we would love to be asked.
“What makes you different? What sets you apart from the competition?”
 “What are the company’s mission, vision and values?  Where are you taking this company?”
 “Can I see the full job description / role specification?”
 “How will I be able to work with my line manager to plan my personal development?”
 “Can you tell me about your training, learning and development programme?”
 “Are you growing? At what rate?”
 “Can you tell me what the last person you recruited like me has been up to?  Can I meet him / her?”
“Do you have any major plans for the company I should know about?”
 “What are you most proud / excited about yourself?”
 “What can you tell me about the second interview?  Any tips for how I can

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